USTR tariff on Chinese imports, Sept 18th, 2019-Facts and info

Please reference the following PRESS RELEASE on the USTR website.

The HTS codes affected by this tariff action are listed on the following document which is available for DOWNLOAD HERE>

As an importer, what do you need to know?

All items listed in the above document are subject to an additional 25% tariff, provided they are manufactured and imported from the Peoples Republic of China. Similar items which are manufactured and imported from other countries are NOT subject to this tariff action. All goods imported to the USA subsequent tom this action are subject to the tariff.

How can I avoid paying these duties?

The easiest and best way to avoid these duties is to have an alternative manufacturing source for similar products in countries other than the Peoples Republic of China. We recommend trying out manufacturers in Vietnam, South Korea, India, Malaysia and Indonesia as alternative sources for your goods. World Class Shipping has strong representation in all these countries to assist in shifting your supply chain to sources other than China. Although it is not painless to do so.. your international trade program will benefit from having this more stable business model.

WCS Long term view on China tariffs

Although the current tariffs are quite costly, we feel these actions are a temporary solution to a trade dispute that will ultimately be resolved before the end of 2019.  Our long term view has always been to out alternative sourcing options in countries other than China. WCS can shift your supply chain to these alternative sources with relative ease. Once the tariff actions are resolved, WCS can easily shift you back to your original China supplier. A consultation with our staff will clarify the steps needed to do so.


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