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Ship Cars, Trucks, Machinery via RoRo

Have a car, truck, light aircraft, construction vehicle, heavy machine, boat, or something else non-standard sized you want to ship? Let us help! WCS Cargo has over 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, and will make your move a hassle-free experience. We tackle all the red tape for you, from customs clearance to insurance, as well as making sure your vehicle is properly prepared for its voyage. Our professional staff will keep you updated on every step of your move, and do all in their power to make your life easy. RoRo shipping provides you with a simple and cost effective means to move your freight. At our competitive prices, we will help you move your freight nearly anywhere in the world.

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What Is RoRo Shipping?

RoRo, or roll on/roll off, is an incredibly popular method of shipping cars, boats, light aircraft, and mother items that do not fit inside a standard ISO container. Instead of the freight being loaded into a container, the freight is either driven on and off the vessel under its own power, or loaded onto a specialty pallet to be moved via a tractor to the ships’ hold.

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More Affordable

RoRo is significantly more affordable than containerizing a car or other vehicle for trans-oceanic moves. RoRo freight is economical and affordable for any budget.

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Biggest Cargo

RoRo shipping allows shippers to transport oversize and out of gauge freight with ease across the globe. From heavy machinery to tanks, APC’s, armored cars and more, we do it all!

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Global Access

All of the planet’s major seaports can and do accept RoRo vessels, with regularly scheduled arrivals. We offer roro shipping to almost any remote location in the world. Get a roro shipping quote today!