USA tariff on goods imported from China, May 10th, 2019-What to know

WCS references the press release on the USITC website.

Please also refer to the Federal Register Notice regarding the latest tariff action on Chinese manufactured goods. Also DOWNLOAD PDF HERE>

New tariffs on goods imported from China go into effect May 13th, 2019

Amidst tense negotiations of USA international trade policy, the United States has instituted a new set of tariffs on additional classifications of Chinese manufactured goods. The list of new items subject to these tariffs are available for Download HERE> The products listed are subject to a 25% duty upon entry to any US port.

What do you do if your product is subject to these tariffs?

World Class Shipping strongly advises finding alternative sources in countries other than China. Many importers find countries such as Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and India to be very capable in production of similar items. These countries also have more favorable trade agreements that may benefit your supply chain as well as your long term business model. WCS recommends diversifying your supply chain as much as possible to avoid potential disruptions caused by tariff actions such as this.

How can World Class Shipping help you negotiate China tariff issues?

WCS has excellent contacts and experience importing goods in many of these countries. We can easily guide you through a shift in your product/supply chain source. Contact our import department today for a consultation on the best practices to avoid China import tariffs. Our long term prognosis on these tariffs is that they are a temporary negotiation which will likely be resolved by 4th quarter 2019. In the meantime, we advise all clients to seek out the advice of one of our import experts on staff, who can guide you thru changing your foreign supplier.

WCS is here to help you through all China tariff issues with your imports!