USA Coronavirus Update

To our loyal customers, agents & vendors,

World Class Shipping is providing this important update pertaining to the ongoing coronavirus related shutdowns and restrictions across the globe. Many of you already know how disruptive this situation has been to our daily lives, as families, coworkers and neighbors are forced to restrict their movements and activities to limit the spread of this insidious virus.

Amidst the immense fog cast over the world right now.. we want to offer everyone a bit of good news that World Class Shipping is still conducting normal business operations from the safe confines of our NY headquarters. All your favorite sales reps are still working throughout the country from their home workspaces, accessing the same state of the art systems they did before. WCS staff are ALL on call to service your logistics needs, just as we have.. always.

The world may have appeared to shut down and take pause…but WCS has not and will not do so. All air and ocean freight traffic ( both import and export) and USA customs clearances will be handled as normal. WCS will inform you of delays or service disruptions that may arise. We will do our best to mitigate all supply chain bottlenecks you may have already experienced. World Class Shipping will be here for you every step of the way.

In order to better serve you during this difficult time, we would like to clarify some important facts about the current movement of freight.

Air Freight

Due to drastic cuts in overseas flights ie, China, Italy, Europe to USA etc, availability for air cargo will be an ongoing challenge for the next few weeks. WCS will use all carriers we have available to suit your needs. Expect rates to be much higher than usual due to limited flights and space. If you are in urgent need of air freight service, please get quoted and booked as far in advance due to rapidly changing rates. Air traffic will certainly be a challenge, but not one we cannot handle. Book with us today.

Due to many carriers limiting flights many customers are looking for an air cargo charter solution. World Class Shipping is on call to quote and book all international air freight charter requests.

Air Charters

Ocean Freight- Sea Ports

China, S. Korea and the many countries in the Far East are beginning to get back to normal. Workers are returning to the labor force and are loading USA bound containers as usual. Ocean freight is still being received, cleared and handled through USA ports. Ocean freight is the most reliable mode of shipping right now. All USA exports are being booked and loaded for foreign ports as normal. ( Please ask beforehand about special restrictions or delays with countries most impacted by the virus..such as Italy)
We advise all customers to also get quotes and bookings as far ahead as you can, due to potential disruptions that “may” arise.

All USA customs clearances and last mile deliveries are operating as normal. There “may be” unusual or unforeseen delays due to labor disruptions, we will certainly inform you if this should occur.

Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone for continuing to have confidence in World Class Shipping and its staff of logistics experts. We have all been adversely affected by this health scare but will persevere and give each other the support needed during this crisis. We hope you will pitch in as well by continuing to trust us with your international shipping and logistics needs.

Please team up with us to help bring the world of commerce back to normal. We are…Logistics for the Planet.


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