China Coronavirus Update

World Class Shipping is sharing this coronavirus status update per one of our vessel carriers who operate out of China.

General Status
For Greater China Area:

The majority of provinces are now gradually resuming work.
Local authorities require enterprises to submit applications for approval to resume work, demonstrating their capability in ensuring strict safety processes and maintaining adequate hygiene.
Labor shortage remains an issue for many factories, due to the local quarantine policy.
Maersk Greater China offices in Greater China
Please refer to the above link for a full overview of open status by office.

To best possibly protect the safety and health of our staff and their families, we have proactively arranged for most of our staff to work from home while our counter service is still running to service our customers.

Terminal Operations

Terminal operations continue loading and discharging vessels, handling current volumes.
Depot Operations

All ocean terminal depots remain open, empty pick up and laden return service work as normal.
Many off-dock depots have resumed work except Ningbo and Yantian.

Intermodal Trucking

Most of our trucking suppliers have resumed operations, however with less than 50% of their labor supply – since all trucking companies must follow local restrictions to receive a permit to resume operation.
The control in the Ningbo area is especially strict, with only a limited number of trucking companies having currently received permits to resume operation.
Please place your trucking order as early as possible, our customer service teams will work to provide the best possible solution.

Airfreight market update

Market volumes are low due to the many factories still being closed.
Even though space is limited due to suspension of many passenger flight services with a temporary cancellation of some freighter flights, there is still space available from most gateways.