Project Logistics Experts

Project Logistics Experts

Project Logistics Experts World Class Shipping-Global Logistics

A History of Expertise in Project Logistics

What does it take to be the best at something? Is it talent, drive, and ambition all rolled up into one? WCS excels at logistics projects for all these reasons and more. Since 1985 WCS has a proven track record of not being just your average freight forwarder or international shipping company. We take pride in doing extra special things that most, if not any other forwarders on the planet can claim.
WCS’ portfolio of Logistics projects is illustrated by peak performance under the most difficult timetables & conditions imaginable. Our ability to take on tasks too large for small forwarders and too complex for large forwarders lands us in the exclusive group of companies who can say, “We were the first to do this”..time and time…and time again.
The story unfolds as usual with a phone call from a client who is in need of logistics professionals who will be on site, at any cost, in any location on the planet within moments of that phone call. The situations vary widely..urgent humanitarian relief efforts, top secret and security sensitive military cargoes, nuclear materials, shipments to remote and dangerous war zones and freight so large and valuable, no one in the world will dare attempt to touch it, for fear of failure and liability. At WCS we approach these difficult freight projects with the utmost enthusiasm. Each and every project is handled personally by a member of our executive management team, who is on call 24/7 to cater to your every need, anywhere on the planet. At WCS Project logistics is our calling. That is why…when the emergency alarm goes off in any given corner of the planet..people are calling us to get the job done.

Come see how WCS Project Logistics can be your hero!

Our Operations

World Class Shipping’s Projects and Logistics Division utilizes a total transportation concept that coordinates and monitors projects from the drawing board through completion. We assist our clients with every phase of heavy lift and turnkey projects from door to job-site, including: planning and consultations, heavy lift operations, sourcing, consolidations, warehousing, full and part charters, insurance, export packing, customs clearance and documentation – all solidified by a team of truly dedicated professionals.