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Camo SUV air freight shipment, world class shipping
SUV Shipping Air Freight 1024 707 World Class Shipping

SUV Shipping Air Freight

Custom SUV Shipping via 747 freighter We were proud to move this custom SUV via air freight to Dubai. As can be seen, we direct every move with extreme care…

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Humanitarian airlift to Pakistan World Class Shipping

Humanitarian airlift to Pakistan

After the Pakistan Earthquakes in 2005, WCS was called to charter and coordinate another huge airlift to help the people of Pakistan. World Class Shipping answered the with a 747-400…

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WCS airlift to Indonesia World Class Shipping

WCS airlift to Indonesia

WCS spearheaded a humanitarian airlift to Indonesia on behalf of Tsunami victims. over 750 tons of airfreight were loaded as well as a Bell Long Ranger Helicopter, in the body…

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Video-Airlift to N.Korea 150 150 World Class Shipping

Video-Airlift to N.Korea


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50 ft raceboat via 747 freighter World Class Shipping

50 ft raceboat via 747 freighter

World Class Shipping recently shipped a 50 ft. Cigarette racing boat from the Fort Lauderdale, FLA factory, to New York’s JFK airport, which was then loaded onto a 747-400 freighter…

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