April 10th, 2020 Update, China Customs rules for Medical Device Exports

China Customs Regulation (No. 53) for Medical Products Export from China

China Customs released No. 53 announcement on 10th April, with immediate effect.
For any MEDICAL supply exportation, including Medical Masks, Medical Protective Gowns, Thermometer, Ventilators, Medical Surgical Cap, Medical Goggles, Medical Gloves, Medical Shoe Cover, ICU Monitor, Medical Disinfect Tissue and Medical Disinfectant. 

1) Shipper has to provide an 18-digit Code of Customs Clearance Form of Export Commodity for customs clearance.
2) To get the Code, the medical product factory needs to apply to local Customs for their product’s export commodity inspection(CIQ).
3) If the shipper name is not the same with factory name, a contract between the shipper and factory is required.
4) The application of the code is on shipment basis.
5) The application usually takes 2-3 working days, but due to the massive applications expected after the new regulation, it might need 5-7 days to get the code.
6) The application can be done during the production.
7) It is not applied to Non-Medical products.


As most of the shippers do not have this code, most customs declarations are in halt, which brings large impact on the planned charters during this weekend and potentially for next week.

Action Plan

We are informing all the local shippers of this new regulation and suggest them to ask the medical product factory to apply for the code immediately. We will try to expedite the customs clearance process once we receive this code from shipper.