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January 2012

Health & Medical World Class Shipping-Global Logistics

Health & Medical

The Medical Field is the fastest growing sector of the world economy. With technological advances being made every day, and people living longer across the globe, the demand for medical…

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Aerospace World Class Shipping-Global Logistics


WCS is heavily involved in exporting and importing components and aircraft for the US aerospace industry. Our intimate knowledge of these sometimes delicate and sensitive commodities makes us the ideal…

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Humanitarian Relief Shipments World Class Shipping-Global Logistics

Humanitarian Relief Shipments

World Class Shipping belongs to a global logistics family that spans all corners of the earth. We are committed to providing expert logistics guidance to disaster relief organizations and charities…

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Project Logistics Experts World Class Shipping-Global Logistics

Project Logistics Experts

A History of Expertise in Project Logistics What does it take to be the best at something? Is it talent, drive, and ambition all rolled up into one? WCS excels…

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China Ocean Shipping Ports World Class Shipping-Global Logistics

China Ocean Shipping Ports

WCS Cargo presents the map of China’s Ocean Ports. World Class Shipping is a frequent importer from mainland China to the United States. We handle all aspects of your imports,…

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