ISF 10+2 FAQs

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FAQ s – Facts on 10+2

The Responsible Party to the accuracy of the filing: The Importer

ISF Filing Agents: The ISF Importer may designate an authorized agent to file the Importer Security Filing (ISF) on the Importers behalf. The ISF Agent must hold power of Attorney to file the data.

Automated Filing Systems available: ABI (Automated Broker Interface) AMS (Automated Manifest System)

ABI / AMS / CBP System Response Messages A Unique Identification Number will be returned by CBP in response to all ISF filings The BL used by the ISF Importer must match the carrier s BL per vessel filings to ensure the ISF Filing is successfully completed. CBP will issue this final response. The ISF Importer should request proof of this transmission by their broker as backup of compliance. The lowest level of AMS Bill of Lading information should be transmitted. Failure to do so will result in rejection of data.

Bonds and Liability: The ISF Importer must possess a Continuous Bond or may file under the agents Bond. A system is in place for U.S. Customs to accept ISF Single Entry Bonds. Our Underwriters limit us to 5-Single Entry transactions per year per importer. No ISF Single Entry Bonds are permitted when filing is considered late. Less then 24-hours Prior to Loading on Vessel)

Submission of required data element deadline: WCS International, Inc. dba World Class Shipping must have complete ISF form in our receipt 72 hours prior to loading.



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